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Why Synology Sucks


“Why Synology Sucks” is the title of one the threads on Synology’s user forums. I found it surprising the company allowed it to be posted. They had refused and deleted four of my posts, sending me this “Board warning issued” message:

synology sucks

While perhaps I didn’t write the most constructive posts, but I don’t think I was flaming. Here are my flames. And if that guy thinks that this is cursing…

This software is GARBAGE.
It split a DVD of a TV show into a bunch of separate videos. I have tried to edit “season” and “Episode” and connected it to the main show page… all for NOTHING.

I am regretting buying this CRAP.

I just got the Synology NAS yesterday and have had nothing but trouble. The ONLY good experience was one helpful guy in Customer Service in Seattle. Everything else has been a NIGHTMARE. They’re a bloody start-up, no? They should be good. But they SUCK.

Okay. That was pure frustration. But I had just bought their Network Attached Storage (NAS) hardware/software solution that they promote as a simple plug-n-play “personal cloud”. To say that is misleading is an understatement. So you can understand my frustration after trying to set it up for +10 hours.

I OBVIOUSLY want all the extras, interviews, etc. from my DVD of “The Bronx is Burning” under ONE MAIN SHOW HEADING.
This brilliant Video Station software has added each Extra and each Interview as a separate bloody show.

Also frustrated, but ban-worthy?

I want my ANSWERS immediately. I don’t want to wait for some latte-sipping, pock-marked tech support to “approve” my post.
Is there a NON-SYNOLOGY Forum anyone recommends?

Insulting and argumentative, yes. But what “global” company has Customer Service (non-toll-free) from 9am to 4pm Seattle time?

I got a DS112j yesterday. Have spent hours fighting with it. An hour on the phone with Customer Service. Got a few things working. Went to bed. Woke up. Nothing works.

This software is TERRIBLE.

Cannot connect to Video Station.
Cannot connect to Audio Station.
Cannot connect to Media Server.
(And yes, my permissions are set.)
Everything is VERY SLOW.

That is fact, not flame.

Author: lazysupper

21 thoughts on “Why Synology Sucks

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  2. I agree with you, their support is shit and the software is garbage not for Enterprise worthy. They allways want you to wipe and restore the volume ! like where will i backup my 30 TB of data ! and what about my servers that are up 24/7 ! . I hate their product !

  3. I agree it sucks and I have 3x 5bays + series, so I know. But if I am going to post what you posted, I would expect nothing but to get banned. Read “How to Win Friends & Influence People Dale Carnegie” if you dont get the concept.

  4. 99% of this is pure bitching. Just learn how to map router ports and stop this whining.

  5. That’s not how they market product Max. “Just learn how to… blah blah”. Typical arrogant IT douche.

  6. My DS211+ has served me flawlessly since 2012. It is extremely reliable, customer support is great (compare with e.g. Buffalo products), and they keep adding great new features constantly, even to their older products. I can access my Audio Station and Video Station from everywhere in the world, so it must be you who is doing something wrong, not Synology.

  7. I have tickets opened with them for months once they determine the 1 YEAR OLD PRODUCT has failed they will no longer reply to your tickets THEY WILL NO LONGER HELP YOU, DO NOT BUY THIS SYNOLOGY PRODUCT ITS MADE IN A CHINA JUNK. BAD SUPPORT, BAD PRODUCT SYNOLOGY.

  8. I bought a Ds212j on recommendations from other users. It has been the most disappointing purchase that I have made. Synology will tell you that you can do ” this and that” with their product only to find out that the particular one you bought does not have enough processing power to do practically anything. In order to do what they promise, you need to have the NAS that costs $500 or more. I can and have easily set up a FreeNAS box that is much more powerful than the 212j for less than $500.

  9. My experience is exactly. They have VERY misleading sales & marketing.

  10. Yea I’m done with Synology. Was a good experience at first just 2 months after my warranty (2 years) everything was starting to get corrupted. So I factory defaulted to find out I can’t load the new DSM because saying that was corrupted. So contact support they said it was the flash memory. I’m like ok I’ll have you guys repair it and pay you there like we don’t do any repairs. Not only that if you telnet into the box to try and do a repair yourself your find out your locked out of your own purchase. Yes Synology put there own password on the box which prevents you from getting into it through telnet to fix the files on flash. Which is fine if they actually provided support which they don’t.

    Switching to Thecus which allows you to fix corrupted firmware and they actually give you the root password to recover the unit along with a guide compared to Synology’s nothing. I’m in IT I would never of bought a synology box if I knew this before hand.

  11. Thanks for the tip on Thecus. I’ll look at them when I upgrade.

  12. You’re broken. Seek God. Synology works great for me, use the plex server community add on. It’s a better total media solution anyway.

  13. Completely Agree. I have a DSM 1815+ and discovered that their RAID 5 arrays can be taken down by a single drive failure which should be impossible, and their last firmware update wiped out most of our workstations Time Machine backup repositories. And no one from Synology was the least bit surprised or embarrassed by the failures. And this is just what happened in the first few months of ownership.

  14. “You’re broken”? Thanks for the pointless insult. Seek help.

  15. I’ve had a good run with (although it can be very slow) since posting this. However, I’ve visited their forum and it seems like nothing much has changed. They’ve still got terrible support and highly misleading advertising.
    You’ve got a higher end model than me, must be greater frustration, so I hope it all works out!

  16. Purchased 2 of the newer RS4017xs+ boxes… I have never seen iSCSI perform so miserably before. I have tried every possible LUN setup (even on pure SSD’s with RAID10) and latency always averages @500-700ms which is a joke. Support has been useless (a canned message per day) and needless to say I’m already filling out the paperwork for a refund… these are far from Enterprise ready.

  17. What do you guys expect from a poorly-managed Chinese/Taiwanese company?!

    When they do respond, it’s in Chinglish (Chinese English). Well, for a multinational company, this is utterly bullshit and a disgrace. If you’re selling your NAS products to a predominantly-English speaking country, then for fuck’s sake, at least respond with proper English.

    Also, don’t get me started on their Android application offerings via Google Play. These software apps are even much worse than their NAS hardware. I was their first-time customer – bought a DS218+ NAS – but promptly returned it to the reseller for a full refund during the cooldown period because of the many technical issues I encountered with this shite unit, including access it via their own Android app offerings. What a nightmare it was!

    Never again will I buy a Synology product!

  18. Icepax Knight have you bought another NAS? I can’t remember but I may have been the one that started the thread. I know that I have been very frustrated with these underpowered devices for some time and stated so on the site. Underpowered that is, unless you buy the really expensive versions that seem to an attempt to be geared toward corporate use. I may just go back to FreeNAS. I can get a computer with enough power to to do just about anything I need for the price of the higher end Synologies.

  19. I started looking at FreeNAS recently. I’ve already got an extra case, fan, and RAM sitting around collecting dust. May as well give it a shot.

  20. I have to agree with you. Synology are lousy products. Yes they work, but slowly. Mine reports directories as empty when they are not. Processes will stop or fail for no reason. The interface is really messy. (e.g. how many people online are asking where empty-trash is??) . Maybe a newer unit would be better. Mine is a DS212j – I give it 4/10.

  21. Mine is also a DS212j and it has got me out of some trouble in the past but so has my REALLY old D-Link that made it through a house fire. The Synology is just way too underpowered. It is constantly running at full bore. If I remember correctly, Synology doesn’t even recommend that you run the Sysnology antivirus program on the 212 because it may cause it to become unresponsive while scanning. For less cost than the upper end Synology NAS’s I could setup a FreeNAS system or get a Q-nap with plenty of power. It is time for Synology to stop usiing ARM architecture and start using the slightly less economical but more powerful Intel or equivalent processors.

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