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Conservatives Take Commanding Lead, Can Sit Back and Relax


The federal Conservative Party of Canada has taken a commanding lead in a new poll conducted after the French language leaders debate yesterday.

Canadian Crime Minister Stephen Harper stood back and smiled as the other party leaders tore each other apart, assuring his party another five years of majority government.

With the assistance of Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe delivering ominous warnings of Quebec’s one hundred niqab-wearing women representing a greater threat than climate change, mass unemployment and unaffordable health care combined, Harper and his followers are set on cruise control to victory. They won’t even need a lot of their supporters to show up on Election Day.

So be thankful Conservative voters, you don’t really need to vote this year. Take the day off and relax. Fishing, hunting, church. Whatever! The day is yours.

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Author: lazysupper

4 thoughts on “Conservatives Take Commanding Lead, Can Sit Back and Relax

  1. If this is a national poll, that is downright scary. Harper, the guy who gags scientists and appoints a creationist as his science minister. I feel like the Canada I grew up believing in is gone, or never was.

  2. Sorry John, the numbers for PC, NDP and Liberals are fabricated and not meant to be taken at face value. I saw three polls yesterday – each one claiming a different party to be in the lead. But if some Cons read this and decide not to show up on election day… well, that’s OK!

  3. Oops- as you can see, I haven’t been following the upcoming election. Anyways I’ve started to lose hope. People vote for whoever they think will benefit them (the voter) the most. To fulfill these promises politicians undertake huge resource extraction projects with massive negative externalities- such as the oil sands. Then how to keep the treehuggers quiet? Muzzle the scientists so there is no-one to talk about the damage we cause ourselves and the planet.

    I think future Canadians will be ashamed of our generation and the sad self-serving we did for ourselves at the cost of our children.

  4. Yep. It is a sad state of affairs. Our soundbite culture has created a society in which we hear more but know less than any generation before us.

    But apathy (or fatalism) only compounds the problem. The Cons need to be voted out. You need to vote. Everybody you know needs to vote.

    If you do only one thing, vote.

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