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Shibuya Halloween: People, People and More People [video]

I was riding back from visiting a friend in Hiroo a couple Saturdays ago. As it was October 31st, I decided to swing into Shibuya and take some shots of the Halloween partygoers.

I used to go to Shibuya for Halloween five or more years ago. Every year was pretty much the same crowd: a lot of foreigners and those Japanese who regularly go out there, but simply in costume. Year to year there wasn’t much of a discernible increase in the number of people. So I expected to just pop in and take a few shots shots of Slutty Cop, Slutty Nurse, Slutty Cat and the drunk gaijin who hit on them. But what I found was beyond belief. This year was more like Mardi Gras.

Pictures would not suffice. So I shot some video. And I finally got finished editing it. A few weeks late, but here is Shibuya on Halloween. I head upward for a view from above (and the crossing in full effect) at the 3:24 mark if you get dizzy from the mosh pit below.

Mother Canada at 24 Sussex

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New Location for Mother Canada Statue

In response to a CBC article that is about the response to a Calgary Herald editorial, I offer my response.

While Twitter user Hooberbloob posted one suggestion (for Tunnel Mountain), I think there is some available land further east, closer to the Atlantic and right on the water, in fact. Furthermore, the tenants of the land must have the utmost admiration, love and respect for the troops. (And they’ll also be moving out in October.)

Mother Canada at 24 Sussex

Mother Canada overlooking the Ottawa River at 24 Sussex Drive