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Selective Android: Missing Files & Folders

One of the (many) things better about Android over iPhone is the ability to plug in a phone and access its files quickly and effortlessly through a PC’s file browser (such as Windows Explorer).

With the new Nexus 6P that simplicity seems to be … less so.

Not sure why, but I cannot access 5 of the 6 photo folders (ex: screenshots) on my phone. Nor can I see over half of my music folders. I would be less perplexed if it was a zero-sum situation, but the fact that I can see some but not others (especially when they are all in the same main folder) is a mystery. As far as I can tell, I’m ticking off all the to-dos on the checklist…

  • USB Debugging is enabled.
  • Use the USB for … File Transfers is selected.
  • Using the official/stock USB Type-C cable that came with the Nexus 6P.
  • Have a Gigabyte Z170XP-SLI motherboard (which has USB Type-C) so no adapters in play



11 on the phone



5 visible through PC

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A Better Camera, No.

When I first purchased the
Android app A Better Camera over a year ago, it was in fact a better camera. Even though they double charged when I purchased a single feature upgrade followed seconds later by the All Features upgrade, it was still better than the stock camera. However, that changed within a couple months.

First the panorama feature ceased to work, always horribly blurring the final frame. They had the requisite update of “bug fixes”. It didn’t improve. In fact, it got worse. The app then started to get very laggy. More bug fixes. More lagginess. Until eventually the app didn’t open at all. And I had to look for another camera app.

I posted a one-star rating to which the developer replied suggesting I try the more version. They made no mention of the money they stole from me. Regardless of the amount, it’s the principal.

It seems they, like most app developers, are like bad plastic surgery victims. Who keep trying to fix something that was once beautiful. And they will never get it right. They keep trying to fix with more mistakes. And the world is left with ugly monsters.

The final straw came today when I daringly opened this latest version. It asked me to install their new resource sucking widget, which I did not want to do. They then gave me the option to A. install it or B. be reminded later. How about C. Fuck off, I never want to install your widget so don’t ask me again. In this PAID APP.

The developer should enrol in an Intro To User Experience course at his local community college.