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No Laughing Matter

I just watched a masked man militaristically execute an unarmed man laying on his back with his hands up on a Paris sidewalk. The man was arguably executed for his involvement in comics and satire. It is a sad world when this is the case.

I support free speech and I support freedom of the press and, well, freedom in general. I abhor religious fundamentalism just as I abhor racial fundamentalism, political fundamentalism and financial fundamentalism. I feel most people are generally against both religious fundamentalism and religious persecution.

I do not support organized religion. It has been proven to be at the root of a lot of death and persecution throughout history. However,it has also done a lot of good. How much is impossible to quantify. But some people need religion. However, blaming Muslims for the actions of Islamic Fundamentalists is like blaming Catholics for the actions of paedophile priests.

I won’t hate Muslims because that’s exactly what those thugs in black masks want me to do. They want to cause a divide between Muslims and Jews, Christians and Atheists. They want Religious War. They want to rid the world of Infidels and they will sacrifice millions of Muslims to do it. So as soon as you start blaming Muslims for the Acts of Assholes, you’re giving them what they want. You’re letting them win.