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Those Lives That Matter

sandra bland ottawaA mural in Ottawa that was a tribute to Sandra Bland was defaced on Monday. The mural had the popular tagline “Black Lives Matter” inscribed along wit it. Someone(s) had then, of course, thought it necessary to paint “ALL LIVES MATTER” over top of it.

The “All Lives Matter” argument is moronic. Nobody is chanting “Black Lives Matter More“. They are not screaming “Kill Whitey.” I understand a lot of obtuse Americans need to clarify that ALL LIVES MATTER. But I’m surprised to see that paint hit the wall in Canada. Perhaps there was a tourist (or two) in town due to that great Ottawa promotion by John Oliver last week.

I reckon the people who have a problem with “Black Lives Matter” are the same people who have a problem with Pride Parades.

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America is Reality TV for the Rest of the World


A Letter to America:

For the first 15 years of the 21st Century, American television audiences have been vacuously captivated by “Reality TV” programs. Scratch that — the captivation is not limited to those glued to the glowing flat screen. The “stars” of these shows infiltrate all avenues of media, spreading throughout all potential revenue and exposure streams, firmly establishing themselves as part of the American vernacular. At a point in history when most Americans probably don’t even know what vernacular means.

The effect of this reality barrage on the under-educated, over-inundated masses is shamelessly and blindly derivative of Fahrenheit 451. And those who notice just shake their heads. To gain any acknowledgement at all, opponents and pundits of this status quo must serve up their criticisms under the pretext of comedy (Jon Stewart). To stand on a platform without a laugh track, audience applause or box office receipts they are destined to be regarded outliers at best (Elizabeth Warren), wingnuts at worst (Bernie Sanders).

They joke about “fact resistant humans” running their country. Bankers are bailed out while The People are left to drown. Bodies pile up under an ever-expanding police state. They obtusely relinquish the gamut of their cherished constitutional rights, provided they can hang on to the Sacrosanct Second, even if it is in their cold, dead hands. Like dogs with a chew toy. And the best they can muster, this nation that was conceived by Revolution and birthed by Civil War, is to rally behind hashtags for a month, a week, or a day. The vernacular expands to include things like “hashtag activism” and “slacktivism” and nobody bats an eyelash. #OccupyWallStreet. #BlackLivesMatter. #Ferguson. And for the moment #Charleston. Until the next one, of course. And everybody knows there will be a next one.

And while the Distraction of the Month (Rachel Dolezal) unsurprisingly gets offered her own Reality TV show, and a Reality TV billionaire boss (Donald Trump) runs for President, Americans settle into their sofas with reruns or the summer season to keep them sated until their regular programming resumes. But to the rest of the world, there are no seasons. The show continues unabated and uninterrupted. We are not watching your TV shows. We are watching you. For you are the set-up, the delivery and the punchline. And even though the joke got old long ago, we can’t stop watching. But this is not because we consider you to be “Must See TV”. We don’t like what we’re watching. We just can’t change the channel because you’re holding the remote. Get off the sofa, America. It’s time to change the channel. Or turn it off.

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When Is A Terrorist Not A Terrorist?

Apparently it is when he or she does not identify with a discernible non-Christian belief system, according to Nova Scotia RCMP Commanding Officer Brian Brennan.

“I wouldn’t characterize it as a terrorist event. I would classify it as a group of individuals that had some beliefs and were willing to carry out violent acts against citizens.”

He didn’t say what the beliefs were, other than that “they were not culturally based.”

– Brian Brennan, RCMP

So terrorism needs to be culturally based? It can’t be politically based? Interesting viewpoint, RCMP.

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No Laughing Matter

I just watched a masked man militaristically execute an unarmed man laying on his back with his hands up on a Paris sidewalk. The man was arguably executed for his involvement in comics and satire. It is a sad world when this is the case.

I support free speech and I support freedom of the press and, well, freedom in general. I abhor religious fundamentalism just as I abhor racial fundamentalism, political fundamentalism and financial fundamentalism. I feel most people are generally against both religious fundamentalism and religious persecution.

I do not support organized religion. It has been proven to be at the root of a lot of death and persecution throughout history. However,it has also done a lot of good. How much is impossible to quantify. But some people need religion. However, blaming Muslims for the actions of Islamic Fundamentalists is like blaming Catholics for the actions of paedophile priests.

I won’t hate Muslims because that’s exactly what those thugs in black masks want me to do. They want to cause a divide between Muslims and Jews, Christians and Atheists. They want Religious War. They want to rid the world of Infidels and they will sacrifice millions of Muslims to do it. So as soon as you start blaming Muslims for the Acts of Assholes, you’re giving them what they want. You’re letting them win.


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Canada: Our Home Ain’t Native Land

Not homeless
Kudos to the CBC for bringing this article about Darlene Necan to the Front Page. However, the CBC unfortunately paints a different picture of this woman and this situation with their language and omission of information, identifying her primarily as a “homeless woman”. She is an activist and on the government’s radar. She is therefore a target. This is political action.

You can read more details that follow a different narrative in this Two Row Times article. A few key points:

  • Darlene Necan, elected spokesperson of the Ojibway Nation of Saugeen no. 258.
  • In 2011, she led a 28 day walk from Savant Lake to Ottawa to draw attention to the issue of intolerable housing conditions.
  • This building was supported by the Indigenous Commission of the International League of People’s Struggles, many grassroots activists, and several locals of the Canadian Auto Workers and the Canadian Union of Public Employees.
  • Other Saugeen Nishnabe build in the Savant Lake area, without permits.

Darlene has already reached her goal, but I guess she should tack on another ten grand for the Government. You can support the Biimadasahwin Gathering Place Indiegogo.

To be in touch with Darlene Necan and the ILPS Indigenous Commission email or go to

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Dear Rioters, please redirect your riot.

Whenever State Power does something to raise the ire of the peons and proles, and rioting results, the rioting is always in the wrong place. The State does not care if you burn down your own home. I am always reminded of that scene in Goodfellas, in which Karen (the mobster’s wife), is reminiscing about the FBI searching her house. She reflects on how some of the other mobster wives would react to the agents.

Some wives, like Mickey Conway, used to curse at them and spit on the floor. She used to spit on her own floor. That never made any sense to me.

 Redirect The Riot


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FCKH8? OK, but first FCKFCTAs

For some reason, those Facebook Call To Action (FCTA) “poster quotes” that people put up on their Facebook walls bother me. I guess it’s because they are the Bumper Sticker of the Internet Age and represent, to me at least, the dumbing down of humankind.

Sometimes they offer a warning, such as margarine being only one molecule removed from plastic (which is unequivocally false). Other times they dare you to re-post the FCTA on your own wall: “I doubt any of my friends have the courage to put this Stop Animal Cruelty message on their wall”. Does that take courage? Who is for animal cruelty? Posting a “Pro Animal Cruelty” on your wall would take a lot more balls, actually. And other times, there is no actual Call To Action, per se, just some information for you. That is false. Or an “unbelievable” photograph. That is Photoshopped. The thing they all have in common is that, if not outright lies, they give such a sliver of truth they should be considered as such. If you have enough time to post it, you have enough time to verify it on Snopes.

The FCTA making the rounds today is by It highlights a quote from last year’s anti-bullying speech gay rights activist and writer Dan Savage gave to a high school that caused some controversy (mostly at Fox News). And just to clarify things right from the start, I am not supporting bullying or hate. Nor am I a Christian. This is just a very misleading, reductionist statement, even if its overall sentiment is of merit.


Firstly, the bible says in quite clear and direct language “don’t own slaves”. At least twice. A fact that this FCTA not only ignores, but outright and knowingly lies about. If he knows about the Epistle of Philemon, he is most likely aware of the more significant Book of Deuteronomy. I’d never heard of either until I did a quick web search five minutes ago.

If a slave has taken refuge with you, do not hand him over to his master. Let him live among you wherever he likes and in whatever town he chooses. Do not oppress him.
– Deuteronomy 23-15

Secondly, Murder is arguably “the easiest moral question” of all time, not slavery, and that’s in the bible’s Top Ten List of how to live.

Thirdly, the bible was written 1500 years before the Theory of Gravity and claims a guy parted a sea that is a half-kilometer deep using telekinesis. Take it with a grain of salt. Is that one passage, “the shortest book in the New Testament”, the best argument you can make against using The Bible as justification for bullying?

Furthermore, Booker T. Washington was a Christian and it’s fair to say he was not pro-slavery.

I think we humans are capable of making new laws based on our current situations. Just as the US Constitution was written 3 centuries ago by men with single-shot muskets and swords, we don’t require thousand-year-old texts to tell us how to live.