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Five Seconds on Facebook Reconfirms My Reasons for Leaving

In the months preceding the Canadian federal election I began to see this growing trend of “acceptable prejudice” from many friends and friends of friends on Facebook. That typical Facebook World of people you know, people you knew and people you never will. But, of course, that was Stephen Harper’s election plan after all — divide and conquer. That’s why he hired the detestable and despicable Lynton Crosby to be his Campaign Manager of Propaganda & Fear. And it worked. Because it seems most people have very little capacity for independent critical thought. What I saw, day in and day out, was quite saddening. People, they really are the masses.

All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.

I have a very low tolerance for intolerance, so most of my Facebook posts for the better part of 2015 were anti-Harper posts. And it got tiring. And heated. And somehow, Islamic cultural attire became the most important campaign issue facing the nation. I was honestly surprised at how many people are so vehemently anti-Muslim. And that this overtly racist sentiment (absolutely no different than antisemitism) is apparently quite acceptable to a great majority of people. Of Canadians. The idiotic fake driver’s license of a burka-covered face was quickly shared by an astounding number of people. Without even questioning its prejudice, let alone giving a half-second thought to its veracity.

By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.

I got into more than a few debates, dialogues and arguments with friends and strangers. And I realized — it’s not worth it. So in late September I decided that after the October 19th election I’d pack up my virtual Facebook bags and take a break. A two-week vacation, in fact. Two weeks from actual Facebook time that is. And I figured that if I spend an hour a day on Facebook that amounts to 365 hours a year. And that equals 15 days — or about two weeks. So on October 21st, with a very brief post simply asking people to get hold of me via email, phone or some other avenue, I stopped visiting Facebook.

And it’s been bliss.

However, after seeing news of the attacks in Paris I logged into Facebook to check on my friends who live there. I was relieved to see both are fine. (One of their friends was actually at the Bataclan. Thankfully, she made it out okay. Physically.) I then made the mistake of glancing at my newsfeed. I saw a friend of mine, his profile pic overlayed with the French flag, had a status asking people not to spread the hate because, obviously, all Muslims are not evil terrorists. The reply from a friend was as swift and seething as it was ignorant. But this, this is now par for the course in Canada. In the West. This is blatant, vocal racism is acceptable to a great many people. And there is apparently no shame in it. It even got “likes”.

I had only to scroll down one small flick of my finger to see another post of a similar vein. But this one, she was blaming the refugees! The people running away from the chaos! Her thoughts and prayers were with the people of Paris, but not with the millions of people displaced by war outside the French capital. Heartwarming. And, of course, she had people immediately support her call to close the gates and fuck ’em all.


Anyways, two ignorant posts were more than enough. I had confirmed my friends were safe and that was my reason for being there. It was time to quietly duck back out before I had another friend warn me about evil refugees and fucking jihadis. Maybe they don’t know The Forgotten Rebels were being sarcastic when they sang Bomb The Boats.

Blockquotes above are by Adolf Hitler.

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Canada Under Attack… By Stephen Harper

Harper ISIS A Dick
Stephen Harper has finally attained the position he’s always dreamed of: The President of Canada. He must finally feel like he’s got a seat at the table with the big boys. His nation has been the victim of TWO “terrorist” attacks within a 3-day period. He must be loving the attention.

Don’t swallow what the media and the corporate-run government is feeding you. They are creating a narrative based on an agenda. Of course, some things happen within the framework of that narrative. There are terrorist attacks by Islamic extremists. Radical Islam does exist. Except for a few fringe conspiracy theorists, I don’t think anybody argues it doesn’t. However, there are many things outside the e framework that they bring into it.

What is a more likely scenario?

Scenario A
1. The deinstitutionalization throughout the 1950s-1970s turns out to be a massive failure and simply a cost-cutting measure, leaving people in need of mental health services with no support and simply putting them on the street.
2. 30% of homeless people and over 15% of inmates are determined to be seriously mentally ill
3. Big Pharma is pleased to report that 17 million children worldwide have been prescribed psychotropic medication
4. People with mental health issues turn to drug abuse, crime and homelessness
5. Media and governments pump out a 24/7 fear campaign about Radical Islam
6. Unstable, disenfranchised, or marginalized people consume this 24/7 fear campaign and identify with “the other”
7. Some (still very few) of these people take violent action as “The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend”
8. Corporate-controlled governments use these actions as a pretext to further their own political and financial agendas

Scenario B
1. Perfectly normal guy grows up in The West
2. Radical Islam takes root far away in the Middle East
3. Guy decides to broaden his spirituality and reads the Koran
4. Guy converts and becomes a Muslim
5. Guy attacks his home country because his new religion instructs him to
6. New Legislation is required to deal with this threat
7. It is vital to go to war overseas to fight this New War as a security measure