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The Galileo of Gardening

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My parents gave me this all-in-one tomato plant kit for my birthday. As I was in the hospital until November I didn’t get a chance to plant it in the summer (or whenever tomato planting season is). I went to three different garden centres asking for some growing tips, etc. All three full-time gardening professionals told me “No way! You can NOT grow a tomato indoors in the winter. You are insane! It is IMPOSSIBLE! NOOOOOOOO!” (Perhaps they were not THAT passionate about me not growing tomatoes in the winter, but they were certainly 100% against it.)

I did not believe any of them, as I had read hundreds of millions of gardening websites that some people, somewhere in the world, had in fact succeeded in growing tomatoes indoors in the colder months. It sounded crazy, but I thought “What the Hell? You only live once or twice.” So I threw Japanese caution to the wind and opened the ready-to-grow tomato kit and put those seeds in the soil, added some water, put it on the windowsill and … waited. That was in December. It took a couple weeks to sprout and has been growing ever since. We just ate the first ones today.

There is a lesson in here somewhere. I have proved Japan’s Gardening World wrong and may consider submitting my incredible achievement to select horticultural periodicals. It’s like I’m the Galileo of Gardening or something.


Author: lazysupper

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